Kuala Lumpur, June 8, 2023 – Sage 42 Apps Sdn. Bhd. (Sage42), an enterprise software developer today launched Ventana, a cloud-based enterprise digital communications platform. Ventana enables companies to efficiently manage interactions with customers across multiple social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, all within a single window. A notable feature of Ventana is its Taboo Filter®, which ensures that inappropriate content, including profanity, culturally insensitive words, images, and emojis, is prevented from being used during customer interactions.

Eugene Gan, the CEO of Sage42, said, “Social media and messaging apps are becoming an increasingly popular choice as mainstream communications tools among customers in Malaysia.  However, managing numerous communication channels simultaneously has been a challenge faced by many companies. In response, Sage42 developed Ventana to optimize customer communication management and enhance the overall customer experience through its single-window mechanism.”

In addition to the Taboo® Filter, designed to prevent inappropriate outgoing messages, Ventana offers enterprises a range of built-in functions such as real-time incident escalation prompts, printable incident reports, and full conversation audits, which greatly facilitate internal investigations when necessary.

Ventana offers code-free bots that empower departments to create and customize their own bots without relying solely on the company’s IT team.

Ventana seamlessly integrates with various systems, including CRM, marketing, legal, and customer support, resulting in streamlined operations.

One of Ventana’s primary functions is to improve interdepartmental customer service and support (CSS) workflows, enabling efficient management of all customer communications. This functionality is particularly valuable as it addresses the common scenario where multiple departments are involved in fulfilling a customer’s request. Unlike other existing solutions in the market, Ventana is designed to handle such situations effectively.

Sage42 has been developing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for SMEs and MNCs including global brands since 2013. Ventana is its first cloud-based product. 

“Our efforts persist in advancing Ventana’s features and we are actively engaged in seeking strategic partnerships to broaden the product’s capabilities,” Eugene concluded.

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