Integrated Logistic Platform


The Integrated Logistic Platform is a fulfillment management software that helps businesses automate their logistics both globally and locally.

To help reduce work inefficiencies, these logistic systems solutions come with features such as route-optimisation, real-time updates on inventory, auto assessment on tax implications – all with the goal of helping businesses make informed decisions on their distributions and delivery procedures.

Main functions

Having an additional layer of logic – supported by an app for logistics management – helps serve businesses with better decision-making processes for executing delivery, by systemising the procurement between countries or departments.

Value Proposition


Preparing point-to-point quotations can be laborious and time-consuming as several prerequisites must be met to keep the cost as quoted. The disruption of even one of the prerequisite conditions can restart the entire process, costing more overhead, wastage and ultimately customer frustration. The Integrated Logistic Platform fixes this with more accurate quotations, minimising the risk of over or under budgeting.


Enterprises without a logistics management software application may end up bulk ordering products to avoid overhead. But such strategies will incur a higher cost due to unnecessary warehouse costs and sub-optimal stock distribution between warehouses which ultimately leads to product wastage from expiry, obsolete or re-delivery.

Minimised Human Errors

Comprehensive real-time update data on inventory helps enterprises make holistic decisions and improve forecasting without the need for guesswork or uninformed speculation.

Complete transparency on logistic operations

Management has complete access to data on all operational processes worldwide – everything from data on suppliers, materials, product quality and quantity, warehouse status and field technicians.

Fast and Uninterrupted Production

A logistic management application can help reduce shipping and waiting times, and real-time updates allow for accurate forecasting measures and greater delivery flexibility.

Reduce Work Inefficiencies and Enhance Delivery Quality

The Integrated Logistic Platform helps automate the stock order processes, making more objective decisions in executing delivery or procurement between countries or departments.

Feature Highlights

The logistic management application checks for stock availability from different warehouses against logistic providers to fulfil orders. It also reports shipped orders to help maintain pre-determined inventory levels.

Purchase order and shipping order data can be seamlessly transferred and updated between disparate systems, preventing missed or duplicate orders. CRM and ERP software – such as Salesforce, Oracle SAP, Microsoft Dynamics – are integrated into the logistics management software application, allowing automatic synchronization and seamless workflow across all departments.

The logistics management software also considers complex tax implications and helps ensure regulatory compliance for efficient processing.

A real-time, automated order processing system allows warehouses to easily update and track all orders from other warehouses around the world.

Invoices, delivery notes, packing slips and custom reports can be generated instantly and print-ready, ensuring an efficient and cost-effective delivery process.

Other Functions

Generated necessary materials for printing purposes – such as shipping labels, tax forms, customs forms, packing lists, delivery orders, transfer requests.

Automatic follow-up messages can be sent periodically to relevant departments.

Target Industries

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