Field Service Management System

Automate and manage your field operations seamlessly from one place using field service management.


FSM (Field Service Management) is a complete management system that coordinates your outbound workforce on the field so you can serve your clients better.

With high collaboration between different entities – from operations, management, inventory, field engineers, to customers – you can achieve excellent customer service and a higher SLA compliance rate.

No more time wasted manually logging and compiling reports. Our cloud-based platform helps you manage work orders and track the nearest routes in real-time, so your customer response can remain quick and efficient.

Main functions
Our Field Service Management software is best suited to consolidate data from all warranty systems and departments – HR, inventory, logistics – in order to optimise appointment dates and address various customer needs.

Value Proposition

Major Overall Improvements

Overall improvement in customer service experience.


Cost savings on both internal staff and overheads.


Increased sales with zero delays from bureaucracy.

Efficiency Optimization

Optimised outbound trips and engineer hours.

Maximise Your Savings & Optimise Your Field Service Efficiency

Trim time off service calls and improve operational efficiency while reducing costs, with scheduling processes to integrated systems across multiple departments.

Feature Highlights

An interactive dashboard providing a broad overview of work orders with info such as time requested, engineers assigned, diagnosed issue description and booking status. Automated work order routing allows field service engineers to respond efficiently and ensure SLAs are achieved. Easy administrative & statistical report generation with data on engineers’ performance, case statistics and work order progress.

CRM is deeply integrated into the Field Service Management for ease of customer use. Such a system enables field service engineers to collect, organise and manage customer information (ACL) in addition to predictive maintenance.

Complete visibility for efficient scheduling and dispatching. Allows real-time tracking of field service engineer’s location – including intended destination and service completion time.

Prevent redundant order requests by tracing product warranty status – with data on assets and customers such as expiry, terms & contracts. Automatically send reminders to customers notifying them on the end of warranty life cycle.

Establishes communications between internal team members and field service engineers. Create and customise your group chat or use chat blasts to broadcast messages to your teammates. Send notes, photos, voice recordings and other attachments instantly and get the latest updates on your field service engineers’ work status.

Other Functions

Verify parts authenticity by scanning and matching product barcodes against their serial numbers.

Create a more pleasant experience for your customers by enabling payment on-site with online credit card payments.

Deliver timely services with automated schedule coordination between engineers and customers.

Target Industries

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