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Malaysian enterprises are turning to omnichannel API platforms to improve their customer support services. Sage Messenger - our enterprise chat software - automates customer communication through text-based IVR with deep chat integration of the backend system to interpret customer texts.

A unified communication hub helps companies by consolidating their customer support services while engaging potential prospects at multiple touchpoints. An omnichannel chatbot solution also allows companies to create a seamless and more streamlined customer journey, elevating a customer’s experience with the brand.

Our enterprise messaging and chat software will take your enterprise to the next level. Beyond connecting with your customers through different channels, Sage Messenger is completely customisable and responds through context, answering customer enquiries and providing solutions without any agent intervention. Our enterprise chat software is also deeply integrated with multiple 3rd party systems and social channels allowing for quick and secure data capture across numerous social messaging channels.

Main functions

Enhance your business processes with Sage Messenger’s in-built phone number customer recognition. Our enterprise chat software delivers text and other rich content between parties with an adaptable system that can distinguish between customer response and requests.


Using predetermined keywords and fixed formats, our system manages information from other backend systems behind the safety of existing firewalls and multiple security precautions, ensuring no codes are sent directly to internal systems, eliminating all risk of malicious intrusions.

Value Proposition

Full integration with your favourite apps

Talk directly to your customers without the need for additional apps. Whether it’s Instagram or WhatsApp, Sage Messenger is fully integrated with all your customers’ favourite social apps.

24 Hours

Customers and even potential prospects often expect instant answers. Provide them 24-hour assistance irrespective of what day or time it is and be available for your customers round the clock.

Seamless Customer Service Experience

Our web application allows for IVR-text conversation between different departments. Customers may also interact with service agents from different departments at their convenience.


No more time wasted on call centres, service agents will be able to handle more conversations than they would on a one-on-one voice call interaction.

Automate your Customer Communication with Text-Based IVR

Our backend chat integration systems deeply integrate the interpretations of text sent by your customers.

Optimised Efficiency

Automated messaging that allows customers to message and reply on their own time.

No Wait
No Queue

Personalised assistance with no limits to the number of customers served, leading to overall improvement of customer experience.

Better User

Better user experience compared to web-based chat, with no issues on timeout and browser compatibility.

Effortless Communication to Increase Customer Experience (CX)

Communication can now be completely seamless and managed from one place. Sage Messenger automates all internal and external interactions for limitless connection.

Feature Highlights

Our omnichannel platform API enables agents to connect seamlessly with customers across multiple messaging platforms in a single window.

Programmable chatbot that not only progresses conversations but is able to capture customer data for call agents.

Customisable chat flows templates available without the need of coding skills.

Centralised consumer knowledge and insights depository accessible by all departments through a single searchable database, reducing manual input and duplicated entries.

Direct customers to the correct department with fully adaptable and easy-to-program chat options.

Customer support can automate responses by sending interactive voice, video, and images messages to connect with customers, allowing the team to follow up with customers in an efficient, effortless, and engaging way.

Other Functions

Verify parts authenticity by scanning and matching product barcodes against their serial numbers.

Get precision arrival times for your service engineer with data directly synchronised with Google Maps and Waze. Customers may also reschedule according to their convenience.

Deliver timely services with automated schedule coordination between engineers and customers.

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