Digital Communications Platform


Ventana, launched early 2023, is a digital communications platform that helps enterprises manage customer interactions across social apps, including text, images, and videos, all within a single window. It enables enterprises to boost workforce orchestration and empowerment through powerful tools that allow for better interdepartmental collaboration, insightful reports for data mining (which voice communication lacks), a robust user controls and many other tools to protect their brand.
The platform makes optimizing and streamlining customer service workflows between multiple departments more manageable, something that cannot be achieved through conventional applications such as simple chatbots. By using Ventana, enterprises can face new challenges caused by the unstoppable worldwide trend in digital communications between brands and customers head-on and scale new heights.
Main Functions

Unified View 
Converge your customer communication from different platforms effortlessly into a single window

Taboo® Filter
Protect your brand from inappropriate communication and leverage on instant notifications as well as escalation reports

Agile Code-Free Bots
Experience fast and easy deployment of bots that communicates with existing systems

Insightful Reports

Gain access to actionable intelligent data that helps identify deal breakers (maximise your sales conversion today!)

User Access Management
Establish role-based controls in order to decrease data breach

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