Consumer Facing Solutions

As a custom software developer, Sage42 also provides various customer facing solutions ranging from eCommerce to tourism app solutions.

Facebook Live Social Commerce Platform


Automates business operations on Facebook Live. With end-to-end solutions that start from capturing orders all the way to last-mile shipping. Facebook Live Social Commerce Platform takes a holistic approach for all your Facebook business needs with a suite of tools for payment processing, inventory management, promotions, and order processing.

Values For Your Investment

For End-User (Consumer)

Of Mouth

Customers buy from people they trust. Make personable content and build a community by automating your social media.

For End-User (Consumer)


Talk directly to your audience and answer their enquiries, giving them the peace of mind to make better buying decisions.

For End-User (Consumer)

Safe & Secure

Every transaction requires proof of identity from both customers and service staff ensuring the payment gateway is enforced with the utmost security.

For End-User (Creator)

Fast & Easy

While Facebook Live only supports debit payment, Facebook Live Social Commerce Platform supports credit, giving customers more payment options.

For Sellers


You won’t need to worry about missing orders on live comments. Facebook Live Social Commerce Platform tracks and captures all orders made in real-time.

For Sellers


Conduct promotions or adjust your stock availability with a click of a button.

For Sellers


Reduce fraud and banking errors with automation to keep track of financial details

For Operators


Get the data and insight on what your customers buy and who they are.

For Operators

Sale Prioritization

Get full control of who you sell to with the ability to override sales from all sellers.

For Operators

Upsell and Purchase In Bulk

Aggregate your sales and purchases in bulk for higher margins and additional revenue.

Peer-To-Peer Micro Tourism Social App


The Peer-To-Peer Micro Tourism Social App is the tourism app solution for experiential and user-generated content. Users can share and earn income from sharing and hosting their local trips.

Value Proposition

For End-User (Consumer)

Keep ahead of trending places

See all the places discovered by your friends and mark hotspots for your next trip.

For End-User (Consumer)


No sponsored content. Discover real places loved by real people.

For End-User (Consumer)

Earn Potential

Find trending hotspots and earn income on the go as a micro tour guide.

For End-User (Creator)

Share Your Favourite Hangouts

Travel and share the hidden gems you’ve discovered with your friends

For End-User (Consumer)

Cost Savings on Marketing

Save on marketing and use user-generated content created by real people who love travelling.

For End-User (Consumer)

Discover the Real Malaysia

Help travellers find the best Malaysia has to offer

Other Functions

Plan a trip easily by stringing together multiple locations.
Follow and interact with other users to get the best travel tips.
Follow the route of a fisherman or a foodie’s favourite cafes. Countless trips for you to discover
Follow creators on the go or find out where all the celebrities hang out.

Target Industries

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