Cash Deposit Machine Central Control Tower


Efficiently provides solutions to manage high-volume cash transactions for everyday use. From ATM to cash recycling, the Cash Deposit Machine Central Control Tower is a complex machine that accepts and distributes cash, securely storing funds and accurately records transactions made.


Triggers real-time cash deposits to offsite Cash Deposit Machines. Monitors, controls and updates the Cash Deposit Machine’s software and firmware via central control platform.

Value Proposition


Being able to monitor your cash deposits saves you the trip of going to a physical place. Fewer trips mean less staff overhead, which means less insurance costs.

Overhead Cost

Manually updating software and firmware can be expensive. A centrally controlled platform can help save on logistics and staff overhead.

Long Term

Banks won’t have to pay extra to maintain their Cash Deposit Machines, which may lead to loss in profits. Having a CIT-owned Cash Deposit Machine means lower upfront investment and lower overheads over the years.

Secure and
Efficient Pickups

The Cash Deposit Machine Central Control Tower can help manage pickup points optimising the route after drivers complete each pickup. It can also take into account deposit levels including customisable configuration based on an enterprises’ needs - making each route predictable and punctual.


The Cash Deposit Machine is able to perform capacity optimization and search for patterns on timed data and other analytics (such as Cashflow Statistics & Reporting) and find potentially profitable Cash Deposit Machine positions.

The Cash Deposit Machine works all day without any extra cost.

With central control towers, banks will be able to monitor the status of each cash deposit and predict upcoming transaction volume without any human intervention. Triggering real-time deposits can be made remotely and securely.

Other Functions

Cash Deposit Machine storage capacity can be monitored ensuring enterprises can determine the safest and quickest pickup.

Cash Deposit Machine can detect counterfeited notes in real-time and notify the relevant parties.

Ledgers of deposits with information on target bank and account numbers can be easily kept by CIT companies.

Target Industries

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