Central Notification Platform


Effective internal communication is key to employee morale and customer satisfaction. When emails are overlooked, employees are overloaded with group chats, text messages and social media, it’s more important than ever to have a central notification software to consolidate information.

In such cases, having an enterprise process automation system will help align corporate values and culture throughout the entire company – regardless of the time zone.

Enterprises can also automate and schedule an array of media with personalized messages – all from their mobile. Our Central Notification Platform utilises intuitive escalation and routing software – from alert management and push notification services – to foster effective internal and external communication within the enterprise. Examples include promotion campaigns, broadcast announcements, or helping field technicians fulfil their SLAs.

Main functions

Update customers on the progress of their service or delivery orders. Compatible with other systems that support push notification service, SMSs or email – making our push notification service software ideal for growth marketing and audience targeting.

Value Proposition

Elevated Customer Experience

Instantaneous feedback means an increase in customer satisfaction. Notifying customers of a delay or a new expected delivery date allows customers to plan ahead and save time.

Uninterrupted Instant Communication

Better user engagement. Attach visual content to your message that can interact with your audience no matter where they are. Content can even be sent individually allowing for personalised messaging.

Uncluttered Data Storage

Ensure your messages never get marked spam, with Push Notifications that have higher open rates SMS or Email.

Real-Time Triggers Updates

Enterprise reminder software allows enterprises to send messages instantly even when receivers are not online or active, giving customers full access to information on their deliveries at all times.

Feature Highlights

Comes with WhatsApp, Telegram API integration, allowing customers to communicate and receive reminders without leaving their preferred messaging app.

With a user-friendly dashboard, teams can set up notifications to be sent automatically, ensuring schedules are met. Teams will also have the freedom to set up target groups enabling information to be streamlined to the appropriate groups.
The Central Notification Platform can track alerts and incidents, generating reports and analytics to detect the source of issues on work distribution and productivity.
Central Notification Platform can reach teams and individuals through various messaging mediums – from Whatsapp, Telegram SMS and/or Email – regardless of their country, with customisable options on date and time when sending push notifications triggers.

Other Functions

Notifications can be programmed to be triggered based on a related event. For example, a status update can be triggered from the warehouse when a delivery delay is detected, updating the customer with the delay time and updated ETA. In most cases, departments are isolated and have to be updated manually leaving the customers frustrated with no information. Our autonomous alert management system closes the information gap between departments keeping customers informed of delays and other issues. By reading individual customer information such as the Item ID and Order ID, the central notification software is able to accurately keep track of the customer’s data.
SMS & Emails templates are available and can be mapped to information such as service request ID, order ID, part name, – allowing the enterprise full control over what they send their customers.
Program messages to trigger however you want to. Adjust notification settings on privacy, messaging medium, receiving branch or whether triggers are sent during appropriate work hours.

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