Out of Stealth

What we’ve been doing for the past decade

Building. We’ve been trusted to build efficient customized business tools for enterprises (SME & MNC) exclusively through referrals by existing clientele spanning across 40 countries globally. Our journey began with SMEs, typically MVPs and other monolithic systems that serve their daily usage and soon after we were referred to MNCs to build business tools by leveraging on their existing ERP systems. Today, our expertise extends to building in-country & cross-country optimization tools that addresses inefficiencies brought about by monolithic nature and independence of each country’s operations.

What we learnt

Bureaucracy is necessary in large work forces across different departments. An effective MNC business tool must consist of the following concoction; powerful administration, accountability, KPI, user roles & responsibilities. Workforce orchestration is paramount as it empowers staff with better collaboration which is key to high productivity. Departments that grow tend to do so monolithically with its own KPI & objectives, causing a lost sight in shared enterprise goals. Hence, platforms built across departments are crucial in optimizing business processes & removing blind spots while promoting cohesion of operations across an enterprise.

What next?

Building our own products. With more than 15 years of accumulated insights & technical expertise to build systems that are stable as well as scalable, we will be rolling out our own line of business tools that serves to empower, collaborate & provide critical insights to enterprises. 

Customized solutions will always remain a part of Sage42 as innovation & learning are a lifelong journey. We strive to improve upon our existing bespoke products while looking towards building solutions that equip our clients with a sustainable competitive advantage in a ever evolving business environment.



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