Digital Communication Solution is the Heartbeat of Enterprises

Taking customer experience to the next level

In simple terms, digital communication solution refers to a range of online driven
technological tools that enable an enterprise to communicate and support
customers while enabling collaboration between functional teams (i.e.,
marketing, finance, sales, operations). These solutions leverage on the
convenience of internet to enable real-time communication and information
exchange with speed as its theme. Gone are the days where large paper trails,
delayed messages and lost information were caused by inefficient processes and


Examples of digital communication channels

Many of us have personally used or experienced at minimum one of the
  • Instant messaging (IM); provides real-time communication between two people or more where popular platforms such as WhatsApp. Facebook Messenger and Telegram continues to embed itself into our daily lives
  • Social media; platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are growing in importance when it comes to connecting businesses and people with just a few simple clicks
Today’s digital age have shown that more people are working remotely,
collaborating and communicating from around the world. Hence, leveraging on
the right digital communication solution is the key cog that enable enterprises to
scale, optimize productivity, improve customer management and sustain its
competitive advantage.


Using Digital Communication Efficiently

Simply implementing a digital communication solution is not the way to go as it
will not improve performances or deliver desired outcomes. Enterprises must do
their due diligence in selecting tools that are best suited for their people and
customers alike. These are several points to consider when it comes to
implementing the right solution:
  • Where would these tools be implemented?
  • What will these tools be used for?
  • Who will benefit with these tools?
  • How are these tools used?
  • Why are these tools better over current practices?
The beneficiaries of digital communication solution encompass more than just
enterprise employees as research have shown consumers are increasingly
inclined in making connections with brands via digital communication. For
instance, a post-Covid19 pandemic survey (2022) on service industries in South
East Asia (SEA) found that 80% of customers prefer to utilize digital-centric
communication channels to contact a company. This has led to an average of
2.5x increase in sales leads and 50% increase in successful conversions. Last but
not least, customer experience and satisfaction also improved significantly by
75% due to a reduction in complaints, service request backlogs and inaccurate


Let Ventana lead the way

When it comes to understanding, implementing and maintaining digital
communication solutions, Ventana by Sage42 is the best partner in helping
enterprises thrive. Having worked with more than 150 enterprises across 40
countries globally since 2007, the team is well equipped with experience and
expertise to transform the way businesses interact with their people and

Speak to us today and find out more about how Ventana can help your enterprise.



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