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How can we help you?

Let us help you with any of your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) needs. sage42 offers modular and custom solutions around CRM, Accounting, Inventory, Warehouse Management, Logistics, HR, Payroll. Any of sage42’s solutions can work as a stand-alone solution or hand-in-hand with any of its modular building blocks through one ERP System. Make better decisions, reduce costs and improve productivity with a solution that fits your needs like a tailored glove. Find out more about us or contact us today, we’d love to discuss with you how we can help.

Who are we?

sage42 has established itself as a leading ERP, CRM, HCM and Logistics solutions provider in Asia and beyond. Our mission is to be our client’s one-stop-partner for all software solutions needed and support our client’s business with the following vision: to be passionate about growing our client’s business as well as setting our client’s organisation up for success via the effective implementation of our solutions. Beyond ERP, CRM, HCM and Logistics solutions, we also offer a broad range of other modular and ancillary solutions, such as Accounting Software, Payroll, Project Management and Business Intelligence Tools, Custom Web and Mobile Applications as well as E-Commerce Solutions. Contact us today, we’d love to discuss with you how we can help.

Services We Provide

Your One-Stop-Partner

Our consultants have a comprehensive knowledge of the business needs of virtually any type of business. This, coupled with many years of experience devising systems and solutions, enables us to provide a holistic ERP solution for your organisation. With the goal in mind to help you modernise your organisation’s processes, we create benefits for all stakeholders involved and promote the growth of your organisation.

All-Inclusive CRM

Optimised customer relationship management today is as important as ever. Our CRM solutions are developed holistically, complete with every automation function your business needs may require – including mobile platforms. Thanks to a modular structure we can easily create all-inclusive CRM solutions for any industry, which allow for full integration of various business processes and ensure customer-centricity across your whole organisation.

Inventory & Logistics Solutions

Inventory and logistics management across a broad range of industries can be considered as the backbone of operations. Our consultants have experience in deploying Inventory and Logistics Solutions tailored to work with the most complex, multi-site and fulfilment operational structures. Our systematically and modular developed solutions provide high levels of optimisation and automation leaving little room for errors and thus can significantly add to the bottom line of any business.

Fully Integrated HRM

Particularly our HR and Payroll Solutions have been commended as being very user-friendly by our clients, but for us user-friendliness does not have to come at the expense of efficiency and automation. With the goal of streamlining the management of human capital from all angles our solutions are designed to be simple enough and work for standard processes as well as to be customisable to cover more specific organisational requirements.

Business 24/7

Often integrated with our inventory and logistics solutions, our E-Commerce Solutions provide state-of-the-art solutions to propel your business’ online endeavours to the next level. E-Commerce Solutions don’t have to be difficult to use or complex to integrate, they need to work 24/7 and integrate with your business’ workflows and processes – we can provide you with such an E-Commerce Solution.

Anywhere & Everywhere

Often the proverbial cherry on the cake, our Web & Mobile Solutions provide the user-interfaces that your stakeholders will interact with and be influenced by. This is why we have a team of specialist just for this, who have won design awards both in terms of functionality as well as actual design. Our Web & Mobile Solutions either connect all the back-end pieces or simply present your information to your people or both – we make sure they do so securely and cost-effectively.

Our Clients