Field Service Management System

The Need

Our client – an IT MNC – sought to improve their turn-around time and KPI, eliminate warranty frauds, and better manage their field service engineers and subcontractors by preventing mismatched skills, redundant trips and customer dissatisfaction.

Our Solution

Seamless integration into HR-, procurement- , QA/QC- and other departments to avoid double entry and human error.

  1. Focused on Mobility and Automation.
    On-site engineers can plan, respond, update, and complete their tasks remotely
  2. Deep social integration.
    Social messengers are fully integrated. Customers can easily interact with the FSM through their existing messenger apps.
  3. Intelligent warranty tracking and barcode scanner.
    Instant on-site warranty status check with photos of barcodes submitted through common messenger apps like WhatsApp
  4. One-stop solution.
    The application manages work orders with detailed precision,from scheduling appointments all the way to customer signature.

The Results

  1. Higher KPI, 67% improvement in turn-around time. Marked decline in escalations
  2. Customer support cost reduction. IVR bots dramatically reduce phone support
    while text support through social messenger allows agents to handle multiple
    customers simultaneously.
  3. Improved ‘First Time Fix’ rates. Automated engineer skill and availability, coupled
    with inventory arrival time results in accurate convergence of requirements to address
    customers issues. High cost of repeated visits is a thing of the past.
  4. Revenue growth & reduced operating costs. Thanks to optimized routing and
    workflows the existing resources could be used more effectively which lead to a
    revenue increase.



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